Photos Limerick to La Coruna

Wed 20 Apr 2011 03:08
m_100_1544 Leaving Limerick
Leaving Limerick
m_100_1580 Nav Station at night
Nav Station at night, the dividers isnât just for show.
m_100_1590 Exploration Rig Biscay
Rig mid Biscay, took photo just to make sure I wasnât mad.
It didnât feature on any charts and looked like a niteclub.
m_100_1596 La Coruna entrance
La Coruna entrance
m_100_1600 La Coruna Outside Sea Wall
La Coruna outside breakwater
m_100_1601 La Coruna Street
La Coruna street at night
m_100_1609 La Coruna Marina
La Coruna berth