Day 10, Lanzarote is in sight

Stravaig'n the Blue
Sun 18 Oct 2020 10:20
Position: 29.23.33 N 013.15.09 W   (7NM NNE of Roque del Este)
Position timestamp: Sunday 18th October 2020 11:00 BST (UTC+1)
Distance travelled last 24 hours: 160 NM
Distance travelled total: 1480 NM
Average speed: 6.43 knots
Distance to destination (Arrecife): 33 NM
ETA based on average speed so far: 16:00 Sunday 18th October 2020

The northern tip of Lanzarote and its islands to the north west were visible at sun rise (07:57), 30 miles to the SSW. In the last 24 hours we have motored 160 NM and reduced the distance to destination by 159.  We should be berthed by 16:00 and a few of beers have found their way into the fridge in anticipation.

The wind continued to be from the north until midnight at which point it started to veer and was blowing from the south six hours later. There’s not much of it, 4 - 6 knots. The swell has reduced slowly but steadily over the last two days and has all but disappeared.

This will be the last blog post of this passage to arrive by satellite phone. I topped up our router’s Vodafone Spain SIM card account before we left Guernsey so we should have good 4G internet from the moment we arrive. It will be interesting to view the blog to see how well, or not, things have worked. It’s been somewhat odd firing off emails containing our position and the text for the blog without being able to check what the finished article looks like.

I’ll do one more post in a day or so covering our arrival and the situation in Arrecife. Stay tuned.

All is well.