On Essential Part - Arrived in Luperon

The Voyage of SEAQUENE
Mary Fran Reed/Captain Dave Nicoll
Tue 17 Feb 2009 00:57
19:54.00N 70:56.95W
Arrived in the Dominican Republic Port of Luperon yesterday morning after
an overnight from the Turks & Caicos. Our stay there was most enjoyable,
due in large part to the friendly manager, Simon, and his wife, Charlyn,
and the owner, Bob, at the SouthSide Marina. Cruisers themselves they
really know what services we need and go out of their way to welcome all
the yachties in the area, not just those staying at their marina, and to
provide or facilitate any assistance we may need. Every morning Simon
runs a Cruiser's Net and gives detailed weather information and forecasts
for the following week. On Thursdays they hold a BBQ at the Marina and
invite all of us, even providing transportation from the beach at the main
anchorage, the boatyard and another marina if needed as well as plates,
cups, the grill and ice cream for dessert. All at no charge. A WONDERFUL
party and chance to meet everyone.
Luperon is a large, protected harbor (the best Hurricane Hole in the
Caribbean) and very popular among yachties. About 80 boats are here
currently including quite a number we've met along the way. The small
town of Luperon and the surrounding area have a lot to offer and there is
quite a yachtie's social scene. A lot of boats have made it this far and
stayed -- for years and even permanently. We're planning 10 days. More
to follow.