To Florida by Car

The Voyage of SEAQUENE
Mary Fran Reed/Captain Dave Nicoll
Sun 14 Dec 2008 17:44
25:46.28N 80.08.14W
We put SeaQuene to bed for the winter hauled out at Shelburne, took everything that could possibly freeze off her, etc., etc., in freezing weather (minus 10 degrees C in the boat) and headed South in our minivan.
We got through New Brunswick in lightly blowing snow and through New England in the first part of a very nasty ice storm. We heard the next day when we were in North Carolina that the ice storm had left something like half a million people without power. Had we left even a few hours later we would probably have not gotten through.
Now we're staying with a long time friend in balmy Miami Beach waiting for Tom to arrive with his boat. More info to follow.