Farewell to Nova Scotia ..........And Back Again

The Voyage of SEAQUENE
Mary Fran Reed/Captain Dave Nicoll
Sun 30 Nov 2008 17:31
43:45.18N 65:19.28W
The snow was melting, the boat systems were all working and we headed out the LaHave River last Thursday setting out for Cape Cod, deciding not to risk the nasty winter storms crossing, one right after another like clockwork, the path to Bermuda .
Lobster season started a few days earlier and we had to negotiate through hundreds of lobster boats and thousands of lobster traps. In the dark Friday morning got caught in one of the traps and the fisherman who helped us get extracated gave us 6 lobster. So far so good.
Then about half way across the Gulf of Maine the autopilot stopped working. Couldn't fix it. Decided to return to Nova Scotia with the wind at our back rather than to continue on slogging right into it -- having to steer every inch of the way.
Arrived at Shelburne a couple of hours ago and tied up to the Public Dock. Will see about getting the autopilot fixed in morning. Now catching up on sleep is the priority.