Wed 27 Aug 2008 10:51
For those of you that have been looking at our position you will see that just over a day a ago we turned sharp left and are now in Lisbon.  In the middle of the night while storming along the coast of Portugal we and a ship came too close and in the ensuing jibing to avoid them we lost the use of our boom and mainsail.  This would not have been critical but unfortunately we also caught a warp in our propeller.  This meant no engine, no power to the electrics and no mainsail.  So we took the sensible decision and headed for Lisbon which was the nearest port under Genoa and Mizzen.  We have had to sail 120 miles like this and we were glad to arrive at 3.00 this morning helped into a mooring by really nice coastguard people.
We are now sorting ourselves out but all is beginning to look shipshape again. 
All this so that we can revisit the Institute of Port the finest place in the world to try and 350 different types of Port.