Khumbu Challenge 2010
Rob McIntyre/Paul Weir
Fri 8 Oct 2010 11:18

Team 2 are now at Namche Bazaar. Coords - 27:48.312N 086:43.671E  . Namche is the Himalayan Market Down in the Khumbu Valley situated at 4510 mts. Villagers from all over Khumbu region come here to buy and sell goods. Some trek for upto 3 days to do their business.


We left Monjo knowing that we had a 1200 ft ascent ahead off us!!! After a steady decent we exited Monjo into Sagamatha National Park (one of the world heritage areas in Nepal). We yomped along the side off the river crossing numerous swing bridges!! Mne Jamie Metcalfe was absolutely terrified off these swing bridges and had to hold hands with Mne Simon Jones to cross!! BEEFERS. After this it was time to get some chad photos,  with a hoofing scenery in the background. Cpl Stevie Elliot cracked the chadest pose I have ever witnessed!!! He is a PTI so it is understandable. Now it was time for the ascent up to Namche Bazaar! We finally reached the viewing point that all the lads had been waiting for, the first glimpse off Mt Everest. I've never seen so many cameras deployed so quickly!! Mne Jamie Metcalfe pulled out his gucci camera thinking he had the best camera, untill a yank came beside him and pulled a camera out 10 times the size!!! Thats also understandable, he did not know how to use it though. The Only thing on the lads mind now was getting to the tea house and getting some serious heads down (Sleep). It was a  sigh off relief when we saw Namche Bazaar, knowing that the horrendous yomp was over!!! Good effort to the lads, especially Ronnie. Bring on Day 4.