Khumbu Challenge 2010
Rob McIntyre/Paul Weir
Wed 13 Oct 2010 02:49


Both Teams are now colocated at Pheriche Coords - 27:53.615N 086:49.208E

What can I say, another breath taking yomp with breathtaking scencery. Both teams left Pangboche at a altitude of 3930m at 09:00 for Pheriche at a altitude of 4240m. It was promised to be nice an steady but gradual incline yomp. It proved to be just that, and the lads managed to have a con flab on the way up instead of blowin out their backsides. A chance to hear some dits from other blokes instead of there bedroom buddys in my case Mne Wade ( Wadey) and he has some bad ones. On the way we managed to spot an eagle or that's what Sgt Chapman ( Chappers) told us, he was in his element personally I think its was a crow but chappers had his binos out so will go with him on that one. Rumour has it from his buddy that he once had a bit part on Jackanory. Team 2 had a bit of morale with Cpl Vandenburg cracking Team 2's Sour Cream pringles.(Yes they sell pringles on the hill, (even though they are £3.00 per pack). Team 1 where not impressed. We arrived at Pheriche at 1200hrs all smelling like the Yaks, some worse. After some nice scran an even better shower myself, Mne jones ( Si ) and Mne Wade ( Wadey) went down to the river and got native to wash are smelly socks and nicks.

For the non Navy amongst are Blog readers SCRAN is food. It stems from back in the early Nelson era. The Sailors and Marines were given Sultanas, Currants, Nuts and Raisins.

We now have a rest day at Pheriche, although we plan to go for a Bimble tomorrow. Apparenty up a hill and back. Although I have seen no hills out here, only Mountains.