KC10 Team 2 Day 2 Blog

Khumbu Challenge 2010
Rob McIntyre/Paul Weir
Thu 7 Oct 2010 15:06

Team Location now at Monjo Coordinates 27:46.250N 086:43.410E. The day started with the Team being woken at 0700 hrs by the Sherpas with a cup of tea in bed, something the lads say never happens at home. Ladies - Take note! After a fairly light breakfast of porridge, toast and a boiled egg we were formally introduced to the Sherpa guides by Lapa our head Sirda. Pemba, Shila, Fooba and Dhoji.

Sherpa are a tribe of the Nepalese people who orginate from the Himalayas, their spirtual home is Khumjung were the Edmund Hillary School is situated. Sirda is head Sherpa. The Sherpas are guides and have excellent knowledge of the mountains and the weather.

We then set off for Monjo, which was to take us 2 1/2 to 3 hours. We have gained 300 metres in height today and the views are getting more spectacular with the Mountains becoming more pointed and covered in snow.Villa Sargent showed true Marine ethos and swam in the baltic waters at a beautiful mountain waterfall but failed to shout "one in all in", thank god.

What has impressed the team is the effort that is being put in by the lads who are recovering from injury/illness. In particular, Roni Ronald. Roni is working 60% harder than everyone else, as he has to concentrate on every step. He has no depth perception when walking downhill. However, his detemination and fitness have displayed what a Royal Marine is all about. The team has gelled well with the cameraderie and support by all team members being displayed at a high level. Daz the Navy rank has soon adapted to our way of thinking and has fitted in well with Royal, he has some skills to add, especially in IT....... and dits to tell us, even if they are boring.

Vanders has already aquired two port fines by being late twice for breifings...Not what is expected from a PTI, especially when both exped leader and Fortitude Warrant Officer, who are both PTI's, are giving the breif. This obviously gave the Mounatin Leader branch a chance to give us some banter.

All members of the team are in good health with a few showing early signs of stomach bugs. Rob McIntyre is looking better after turning 5 different shades of white and yellow yesterday after picking up a viral infection.

Some of the Blogs may not appear daily due to the poor sattelite signal in the lower valleys.