The day before the "Off"

David Munro
Fri 9 Jan 2009 06:27
Jacana is now officially ready for the start of the Cape Bahia Race, the daily job list has been reduced to a few final tweaks of the rig, a super market dash for provisions, a trip to the laundry and one last drinks party to attend. The start time for the race on saturday is 2.00pm local time, noon GMT, the start line is just outside the Cape Town Harbour break wall and the first mark of the course takes us along the water front before we head for the second mark which is Salvador some 6000 kilometers away.
The forecast for the start is a fresh South Easterly, fresh in Cape Town means 20-25 knots which should push us quickly up the coast - all of us are keen to get away! The entry numbers are down for the IRC fleet but there are some interesting boats to sail with and against. The headlines for this race have been grabbed by Sea Leopard and Rambler, two of the largest boats on the circuit who last battled head to head in the last fastnet race. They are both looking to set a new record for this race and the local interest is enormous.
Jacana rates as one of the slower boats in this fleet so we are likely to be bringing up the rear attempting to save our time on handicap - "The South Atlantic Race" website shows our position each day but their map system doesn't seem to be working yet!!