Day three

David Munro
Mon 12 Jan 2009 15:13
12th January 2009
After the first 36 hours of racing, things have quietened down as the breeze falls to very little as we await a weather front approaching from the west which should give us plenty to play with for a couple of days as we push further north and west.
We have sailed just North of the Rhum line with most of the fleet to the north of us. The wind gradully died away to nothing during the course of this morning, we changed down to our Number one head sail which gave us every last thing out of the boat. It was a late decision to take the Number one as this race is traditionally down wind, but has proven it's worth already despite taking a rating penalty.
On the wild life watch today, the number of sea birds has decresaed dramatically, the calmer condtions have shown us large numbers of Jelly fish, we think they are the blue Portugese Man of war - small but dangerous! We had a large "fish" eating near the surface mid morning, it was difficult to identify but could have been either a small shark or a saw fish.
Crew of Jacana