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Subject: Day 7 - Into the Trades

The title of this piece refers to geography rather than our work plans post this adventure.
The passing of the Meridian line went well, without incident - Neptune was toasted with a glass of South African Brandy and we managed to power the boat up through the night under spinnaker for the first time as the conditions moderated once again. As a result we have managed to hold our own against similarly rated boats in the 24hour run. We managed a 220 mile run on the water translated into a 199 mile run on the course. Jacana is heavier than most of our competitors so we are revising  the calculation of the amount of water we need to carry for safety. Showers all round to use up the surplus. Today finds us wearing Sue's new light weight runner in pink & grey, a very well behaved sail which matches Chris's pink floppy hat. 
We have decided, against conventional racing wisdom, to trail a lure and chance our luck at some fresh fish in the form of a tuna. David & John spent a good hour un-tangling the line at the rear of the boat. Eventually everything was ready and thrown overboard - at which point the only wildlife of the day flew into view and took a great interest in the lure. The bird was a new one to us, white, flappy wings, orange beak etc etc (note to self. buy an I-spy book of birds when ashore)
We quickly pulled the lure back in and the bird dive bombed the boat squawking at us for removing his intended lunch., At dusk we tried again but are somewhat nervous that Chris's natural empathy with the animal kingdom will lead him to cut it loose when no-one is watching.
Food Report
The last of the bread, now green, went over the side yesterday.
Other fresh food is now showng signs of rot. Race against microbes has us wolfing fruit.
Onions and cabbage remain resolute against decay and we are hopeful they will go at least another week.
The chicken last night was well past its eat by date but a hard boil in curry sauce saw off any dodgy consequences.
The sausage and bacon in the cool box is still ok but not sure for how long.
It is clear that life will reduce to pasta and packet sauces before this race is run. 
Collapsed spinnaker excuses of the day.
A flock of sea-gulls momentarily distracted me.
We went over a wave
We went over the wrong sort of wave
We went over the wrong colour of wave
The dynamic damping in the B&G true wind angle should be set at 6 and not 5.
The heading is magnetic when the true wind angle is true (by definition) and the two don't alter at the same rate.
Velocity header
The wind keeps changing direction
I spilt my tea
I fell asleep
I had to avoid a floating bottle
I was looking at something in the water
From some members of our fan base we have received requests for more photos, I am sorry to advise that you may have visited the wrong Web Site, Jacana isn't that sort of boat. However, we have attached a picture of one of our crew members in training on the bonnet of our car in Cape Town before the start.
Paul's dream of the day
Paul sleeps a lot and he who sleeps a lot, dreams a lot. Happily he has taken to sharing some of his more coherent subconscious experiences with us. As you can imagine we all find this really fascinating and in order not to deprive a wider audience of a taste of this entertainment highlight a short extract is included below.
"I was working in my garden shed, when I popped outside I found the shed was suspended in mid air about 1000 feet up. I noticed that I was wearing my life jacket as I managed to grab onto the threshold of the shed door avoiding falling. I crawled around to the side window where I managed to pull myself back in thus avoiding a certain fall to my death. Relieved I set about my shed type business only to find that during my brief walkabout, zombies had decided to use it as a squat!"
We believe these musings to be benign but if anyone more qualified has a different view, please let us know.
Recipe of the day - Beer Bread
Mix two cups of flour with one bottle of Heineken beer (sponsor please note)
Cook blobs in frying pan
Use for lunch as bacon sandwiches and as jam scones -Yum

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