Sun 12 Jul 2009 21:44
July 12th
Had a hard sail since yesterday at 1100. We had it calm till then and the wind came away from the SSE so we had to alter coarse further east some we sailed hard on the wind and made landfall in north Spain at La Carona and we had to sail along to the corner but when we rounded it there was 30+ winds from the south with very heavy rain and a tide that was against us, we beat back and forth but was making a poor job of it so I decided to just come into Camarinas just the north side on Finnestere. In at 0830 pontoon berth, good little marina and very helpful. the town is fishing port and is pleasant enough with just a few tapas bar. We will take a night in and catch up on some sleep. Had dinner in cockpit, our tuna was very good. early night tonight.