Day 5

Fri 3 Aug 2007 16:44
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Sailed all night but winds became lighter until we put the engine on at 0945hrs.  In anticipation of having achieved a good 1st day's mileage Pete decided that Stornoway Blackers (Blackpudding) was an appropriate breakfast.  These was cooked up with tomatoes and served with bread and tea - very tasty.  Fishing lines were rigged at the aft as Pete and Doug are keen to catch some Tuna.  Doug was, unknown to him, being watched from underwater..  As he was setting up the lines  a dolphin jumped out of the water at him just about causing a serious medical situation 170 nautical miles from land.  Dolphins are now a very regular occurence, frequently joining the boat to swim in the bow wake.  They seem to watch us looking up and turning on their side.   You can hear their high pitch communications.  Doug has persauded us that the dolphins can hear us as well as see us.  This has led to the crew standing at the bow whistling like canaries at aquatic life. 
At 24hrs into the passage we have travelled 165 nautical miles.
Engine stayed on until about 1530hrs when we rigged the cruising shoot. After a couple of false starts the sail was flying well and were back at approx 7 knots.  As the sun dropped so did the wind. The cruising shoot was snuffed and stowed and the engine put back on.  Pete got straight onto dinner which was a massive selection of salad, meats, pies and fresh shallow fried makcerel - delicious.  The food on the boat is outstanding - Pete has high standards and this tends to mean that he does most of the food preparation.  Presentation is also considered important by the skipper - with the table being set last night with all the condiments etc.  There is nothing to be seen for miles so dinner was eaten downstairs in the saloon with regular checks being made out of the hatches just in case a super tanker was sneaking up on us.  Atter cheese and coffee the crew did the dishes and the watch system for the night  was agreed. Pete would take first watch with Tricia and Tim to step in at 0100hrs and Doug and Gary taking the final watch. 
The sleeping arrangements in the forecabin have been re-arranged to the satisfaction of both Tricia and Tim - heads are now at the bow end with pillows placed around the walls to soften side impact. 
Our position is  48* 06' N 09* 06' W
TMM crew