Encore 0645- 2 May - Pos 43:39.01N 08:46.3W

Dermot Cronin
Thu 2 May 2013 07:00
Last night saw us heading South towards the traffic separation zone at Cape Finisterree. From approx  60nm North of the Cape we found ourselves weaving through a continuous stream of Northgoing and Southgoing traffic. For most of the night our AIS showed us surrounded by up to 13 ships. We had to do a few ‘chicken runs’ to get East of the comercial traffic streams also, we had our first call on VHF from a Spanish ship seeking to agree who’d pass ahead of who – needless to say we gave him the curtesy of passing our bow
At our 0300 watch handover we took stock of our good position for rounding Finisterree, we were safely East of the traffic stream. We were now also attractively close to La Coruna our secondary landfall port and considering that going on to Biona might mean getting there late at night we’ve decided to make our Spanish landfall at La Coruna. If we get in before 1200hrs we’ll be strutting about like peackocks, proclaming we ‘flew’ across Biscay in under 4 days. Time will tell.
We’re looking forward to showering and our first change of socks....UGH.
0800 ...Stephen’s just shouted ‘Land Ahoy’