Rocking in the Med

Dermot Cronin
Thu 16 May 2013 18:42
Position at 1900 is 38:34.8N 03:51.4E. Heading 050deg, doing 7Kts in 14Kts of Westerly breeze. 205 miles to I de S. Pietro and just about 500nm to Malta.
Lots of rain and thunderstorms today and we’ve been tacking downwind in following wind. Colm has brought great grub and fun on board, last night he treated us to a starter of goats cheese and marmalade followed by a great penne and chorizo dish. Better still he’s a Rory Gallagher fan so we upped the decibals and had the ‘med’ rocking to Rory’s ‘Live in Europe’. We all got into our ‘Dubes’ and had a great foot stomping session to ‘Goin To My Home Time’. After downing a hefty red Rioja, crew competiveness broke out - John won the air guitar competition, Dermot the old time waltzing, Colm the tin whistle and Paddy the Paper comb.