19:39.78N 47:05.66W Final leg

Henrik Nyman
Wed 2 Dec 2015 20:46
Atlantic Ocean, Wednesday December2nd.
After a few days of light winds the wind has now picked up again to 18-20
knots. We are sailing at 9-10 knots with main and poled out genoa at the
Last night was tough. Unstable weather with lots of squall activities. We
got all hands on deck at around 23.00 to pull down the gennaker but
unfortunately a squall hit us before we were ready and the gennaker was
damaged. It was a subdued crew that went on the night shifts. Lots of
squalls and cloudy weather during the night and this morning made it
difficult to sleep. But we all felt better when the morning arrived with
good winds.
We are now on the final leg of this trip. We have 850 Nm to go and the
weather forecast promises strong winds for the next 4-5 days. If we kan keep
up the speed we will be in Rodney Bay Sunday night/Monday morning. We are
still in the lead in the Oyster Class and among the 2-3 top boats in class
Life on board is fine. All are at good spirits. Erica spoils us with good
food and drink. Hopefully we haven't put on weight before we arrive Rodney
Bay. The Hearts Tournament goes on constantly, we'll see who will be the
final winner. No whales or dolphin sighted yet but we pick flying fish from
the deck each morning. Occasionally we see another boat nearby.
Best regards from Delicia
Henrik, James, Erica, Goran, Theo and Eric