23:03.83N 38:52.75W Half way

Henrik Nyman
Sun 29 Nov 2015 21:26
Mid Atlantic Ocean, Sunday November 29th.
Half way !!!!
After only one weeks' sailing we are now exactly half way across to St
Lucia. We have made good speed so far with daily logs of 200-250 NM until
today. As far as we understand from reports we have received we are leading
Class A as well as the Oyster Class on corrected time. We are sailing with
gennaker day and night now. The last few nights have been a bit unstable
with squall actitivities so we've had to call "all hands on deck" a couple
of times to pull the sail down before a squall hit us.
We have sailed a bit northerly route for a few days now, but this morning we
gybed and steered more to the south. The wind is down to about 10 knots and
we have made slow progress during the day. But good speed for fishing and we
have caught three nice dorados which made an excellent lunch prepared by
Tonight we will open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate half way and enjoy a
nice dinner. Everyone has taken a shower and changed clothes so a nice smell
is spreading throughout the boat.
We wish you all a nice Advent.
Delicia crew