Tunisia and the wintering grounds

Sat 27 Oct 2012 17:04
We are currently at 36 51.665N 11.10.103E
We have rounded Cap Bon and are in the Gulf of Hammamet, just passing Kelibia, about 60-odd miles from Monastir where we hope to spend the winter months.
The wind held all through the night and today and we have sailed at 6s and 7s for most of that time.  These new sails are a delight.  We got ambushed by a squall coming out of Algeria last night while we were busy looking back at the massive lightning show over Sardinia (went on for hours).  Didn’t see this one and got rained on a bit.  We furled the genoa as soon as it struck, then over half the main and we were still managing nearly 6 with a very easy motion.
Lots of traffic about today so the passage has been interesting.  We are both very very tired, though as we have been on the go since we left Formentera last Monday, snatching three or four hours sleep when we can.
Crisis time approaches – I’m out of lollies and out of chocolates.  I do have a packet of Scottish Butter Shortbreads that I’ve just opened and I have two large jars of cocoa left.  Truth be told there’s plenty of food, just not the little treats I like.
Common Sense is purring along and we should be alongside the entry dock by around 8am tomorrow.
After that, a load of laundry, off to the supermarket and start organising boat jobs.  First a good sleep for some hours without rocking.