Capa di Malfatana

Thu 25 Oct 2012 17:16
38.53.7N 8.48.3E
We are sitting quietly in an anchorage well inside a bay here in southern Sardinia.  We were aground for about 10 minutes when I was looking for a spot, but just on soft sand and weed so we got off with a bit of accelerator and some bow-thruster wiggling.
The passage from Formentera took about 3 days - just a bit shy of by a couple of hours.  The new sails help but they haven't turned Common Sense into a rocket ship by any means.
Carol's been for a swim around the boat and I've had a decent 3 hour sleep.  We're sitting here listening to a mix of French Cabaret, Cajun Blues, Big-Band Swing and who knows what's to come on Sardinian radio.
When we got here, there were two guys on this station playing their favourite opera piece - they kept replaying the same section of a tenor's oratorio (I think that' what they're called) and getting excited at the climax of it.  "Spendido!"  "Stupendo"  then they'd play it again and go into raptures once more.  Exciting stuff, when people enjoy the better things in life.
I found a bottle of Mateus in Formentera - another E4.50 wasted - so we're eating snacks and drinking Rose as the sun goes down.  We were drinking a bottle of Mateus Rose in Ruby's Restaurant in Pier street 35 years ago when I proposed to Cal.  Bottle hasn't changed but the location sure has.
We have a couple of small jobs to do so we may sit here tomorrow, provided the Italians don’t object.  Then it will be south at 008 to Pantelleria and Monastir.