Slowly moving up the Spanish coast

Wed 17 Oct 2012 07:09

We are at 37.37.2N 0.42.3W anchored in a bay off the east beach of Cabo de Palos in 16' of water and a bit of rolly swell. We came around the corner of the cape after seeing miles and miles of rugged cliffs and mountains and the occasional town and harbor and around the corner came across what looks like Myrtle Beach, Florida or Daytona Beach. There are miles and miles of hotels and apartments for as far as we can see. A little on the inside of this is an 11-mile long inland sea or lagoon where there are heaps of small marinas. There's only one way in via a lifting bridge so I don't think we'll try as the depths are a bit skinny.

We're heading for Alicante today, 42 miles away. There's a Swiss boat here with us, but this anchorage could take 50 boats.

All going well, easy to make good meals when you are anchored down. Made a big pot of savoury mince in the pressure cooker last night for later meals and then had simple potatoes with butter, yoghurt and green onions for dinner.

Weather is still good but you can feel a change in the air. We need to make Tunisia fairly soon.