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Cantilena returns from North America
Des Crampton
Wed 8 Jun 2022 18:29

Our last post suggested we were all set for the off subject only to the arrival of fair winds for the passage north to Newfoundland. Alas, since then, our plans have been turned upside down by an unfortunate injury.

It all began last Monday when Terry took a tumble in the companionway causing her to wrench her left shoulder. She decided to soldier on in the hope that it was just a bit of a knock and that the pain would soon subside. While waiting for that wind with some south in it, we headed out onto the lake for a few days to sail, anchor and generally test as many onboard systems as we could. While out on the water it quickly became clear that Terry’s pain was not subsiding but rather doing the other thing. So, it was back to Baddeck to get it checked out. An X-ray quickly revealed a cracked clavicle and several cracked upper ribs. The doctor made it clear that although this was not a particularly serious injury, recuperation would involve on-going pain, would require immobilisation of the arm, and would take a minimum of six weeks. Morale was not improved when she added that a younger person would experience a much quicker recovery.

This was an unexpected and exceedingly disappointing turn of events. We returned to Cantilena for a long pow-wow to consider what impact this would have on our overall plan. It was clear that the north Atlantic was not the best place for recuperation while waiting the six weeks for recovery would put us beyond the optimum weather window for the crossing. In addition, we were both keen to enjoy some unhurried cruising time after the two years of Covid restrictions. Many hours later we settled on what we felt was the best solution under the circumstances. We decided to revert to the original three-year plan which would see us complete the Down East Loop by sailing south westwards from Nova Scotia along the New England coast. We would then ship the boat back to the UK. This would allow coast-wise cruising in favourable weather which will hopefully give the shoulder every chance to recover.

This revised plan will keep us in Baddeck until the shoulder pain stabilises. The time will be spent finding Cantilena a slot on a ship bound from NE USA for Southampton sometime before the end of the summer. We will then venture out on the Bras d’Or Lake, this time making our way slowly south towards Canso Strait where we will re-enter the Atlantic and make our way towards Halifax. From there, on towards Yarmouth and across the outer part of the Bay of Fundy into Maine. Longer term timings will be dictated by the available shipping slot, but we are hopeful we can enjoy unhurried cruising in daily hops between anchorages and harbours.