46:05.98N 60:44.90 Baddeck, Cape Breton Island

Cantilena returns from North America
Des Crampton
Mon 23 May 2022 22:42
We are both well and continue to apply ourselves to Cantilena's work list. Meanwhile, another week has flown by here at Baddeck. Overall, we are content with progress but have on occasion succumbed to thoughts that the job list has actually lengthened due to unforeseen tasks arising from Cantilena's long hibernation.
The major task of the past week has been the sourcing and fitting of the new battery charger. Supply constraints meant we could not replace like for like. Not surprisingly, the replacement did not quite fit the space available and had slightly different electrical connections. Anyway, the job is done and we are enjoying the convenience of shore power once again. On the subject of power supply, our new and improved replacement boat computer refused to work with the existing stabilised 12V power supply leaving us with another sourcing and installation problem. The replacement has been commissioned and those of you who keep an eye on Marine Traffic will have noticed the re-appearance of Cantilena of London's AIS position. One electronic problem yet to be solved is an apparent cable fault on the radar. We feel this is an essential piece of equipment for coping with the fog on the Grand Banks. With a slightly warmer spell of weather over the last few days we have made good progress on deck having tuned the rig and fitted the sails. The anchor and chain have been inspected and the windlass is once again in fine fettle. We are about halfway through servicing the winches.  
In addition to all this, Terry has been washing, scrubbing, varnishing and turning the boat into a home once again. She is limbering up for a shopping trip to the supermarket in Sydney later this week. A member of Bras d'Or Yacht Club has very kindly offered to drive her the 80 or so kilometers and to help her navigate the host of unknown brands. She will also get the propane bottles refilled in Sydney. We've started looking ahead to the sailing trip in prospect and Terry has been researching harbours in the Bras d'Or Lake and southern Newfoundland. It all looks interesting and we will have some decisions to make about where we stop, probably largely determined by the weather. Talking of weather - we are struggling to understand the hugely variable conditions in Baddeck. It changes several times daily, from lovely sunshine to bitterly cold winds and rain. We are slowly adapting to life on the water.