Out of time

Fri 28 Jun 2019 21:25
This afternoon we had a drink on passing the 100nM point to the finish. We made very good progress the past 24 hours. However an hour later the wind died on us. We're now 5 hours later without any sign of improvement, and the weather maps don't show any improvement until Saturday evening. The following days the wind will remain very light and unreliable, so it would be impossible to predict if and when we would be able to finish.

So it seems the worst case scenario unfolded itself. We're out of time, we can afford drifting around for days, so we decided to abondon the race. We'll continue to Falmouth, but will motor when sailing isn't feasible. Its a shame so close to the finish and all we've been trough, but we think we had our part of what this event has to offer.

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