A nice day of sailing

Mon 24 Jun 2019 09:16
Yesterday we had a nice day of sailing. Clear blue sky's, a nice breeze, and at the end of the day we reached the half way point of this trip. That called for an apple cider.

Since yesterday evening we've been trying to sail along the isobars of a low pressure area, to profit from the strong wind. However, it also means zero visibility during the night because of the clouds and non stop rain. Again it was a course dead downwind, so steering the boat was very demanding. The two of us camped outside whole night long, one steering with nothing else to focus on than a windmeter and digital compass and one recuperating on the floor. Every 20 min we switched positions.

We passed a big bulk carrier and a Greenpeace boat, unbelievable but both on a collision course. Or where they just approaching us to have a look at 2 nutcases?