Drifting to the finish

Thu 27 Jun 2019 15:11
We positioned ourself outside the range of the gale that is expected below the UK, and are now sailing through an area with very light winds and a lot of mist and showers. And it remains very cold, it feels like we're on a trip to the Shetlands. Our clothes are soking wet to the base layer, and there's no opportunity to dry them..

Sailing in less than 5 knots of wind turns out to be impossible because of the constant swell you have on the ocean. It's something we'll need so spend more attention to in the weather routing. However the 'light air' option we persuaded still remains a wise choice, as the boat is showing more and more issues that need attention.

2 nights ago we had pretty heavy conditions during the night. Bert had to give up steering because of the pain caused by it's brused ribs. As our autopilot is still broken I spend a lot of time at the tiller that day, so Bert could recuperate some more. Since than Bert is on the better hand and doing well.

Today we had a guest, a pigeon that took a free ride for about 2 hours. Ultimately it concluded sailing is not the most optimal way of travelling, and resumed it's flight.

We only have 200nm to go, but we hope there will be enough wind left to make it to the finish. We're running out of time. ETA will be Saturday or Sunday, in Falmouth or worst case Brest.