Cabin Boy Log

Sat 16 Apr 2016 12:47

Sorry for high jacking your blog Mum and Dad, but seeing as I sailed with you for the first and possibly the biggest leg of your journey, I think I have earned at least one entry. 

Well where do I start. It has been one hell of an adventure, considering we only got as far as North Yorkshire, but without a doubt I have enjoyed every moment of it. The voyage was challenging, scary, cold, emotional and tiring. However I would not change any of it, for the world.

Sitting here on the train being whisked through the stunning Yorkshire scenery, on my way back to sunny Suffolk. I have time to contemplate what an experience it has actually been for me personally. When it was suggested by my parents that I join them on this voyage to Scarborough; which would include a 30 hour long sail! I can't remember my exact words but I don't think they were particularly warm or polite towards the idea. However after a bit of persuasion and nagging from them both. I realised that It would be a new, exciting adventure and experience for me, it would also be a chance to spend some quality time with my folks before they continue their journey and disappear for the next 6 months. I could not have been more right, I did not only enjoy the sail and time with my parents far more than I imagined. I also discovered how much I enjoy sailing, especially under Dads wise and alert supervision. 

Although I enjoyed my venture, that eventually brought me to Whitby, a beautiful little seaside town just north of Scarborough. It seems I was a huge asset to my parents and their ability to get their teeth into their "Crusade" round Britain. Allowing them to partake in the huge journey from Lowestoft to Scarborough a journey of 130 miles. The amount I enjoyed my little part of their enormous adventure, is completely over shadowed by the satisfaction I can take away, knowing I was a huge help towards getting them started on their circumnavigation of Great Britain. 

I wish them all the luck in the world and hope they continue to enjoy their travels as much as I did on just a short section of it. 

Mum, Dad. 
Take care of yourselves and Bliss. 
I love you both
Keep me updated
Stay safe 

Love Joe