4 a.m.

Thu 14 Apr 2016 07:20
Joe and I on watch, Chris getting a couple of hours rest. Can't say I like night sailing, it's very unnerving not being able to see where you are going! Nightfall coincided with us passing the Humber area, we were suddenly surrounded by lights, wind farms, oil and gas platforms, all massive and lit up like mini cities, it's hard to pick out a moving vessel that might be heading our way. Fortunately we have a new chart plotter with radar which tells us; everything we need to know.
We had an early start, 4.45, to get best of light and tide, unfortunately no win, down from today, which at least means flat calm sea and a comfortable passage, we had a very relaxed day reading and wildlife spotting; 14 seals and 4 porpoises! It got quite warm down to just 3 layers and, of course, plenty of sun screen. Had a magical half hour with all 3 of us sitting on the starboard deck watching the sunset. Then as we couldn't get a radio station Joe played music from his phone and we had a dance in the cockpit before supper. So all in all, a fab day, but I'm so pleased this is the only night sail we have planned, and I must say. Joe Cook has been a complete star, cool headed and sensible, totally reliable, very proud. OK winds now getting up, time to hook on. Xx

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