The Alba Chronicles
Neville Howarth
Wed 3 Sep 2014 18:41



10:14S 159:36W


So far, we've done 120 miles with 780 miles to go to Samoa. We’re on a beam reach with 15 knots of wind and 6 foot seas, heading away from Penryhn in the Cook Islands.  It’s lovely and sunny with fluffy white clouds at the moment. Here's what we did yesterday and overnight.


2 September 2014 Penrhyn to Apia, Samoa ( Day 1)

We were up early, preparing to leave.  After breakfast, we went ashore to say goodbye to some of the villagers.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find Mr T, but we called in on Mama P before we went to Rio's house.  Kura gave us each a carved necklace made from shell and Rio gave us a couple of "marble" pendants, which are black pearls fused to the shell.


Saying goodbye to Rio's family was very emotional.  They have been so kind to us over the past month and have welcomed us into their home as part of their family - Glenys and I both left with our eyes filled with tears.


Back on the boat, we lifted the dinghy on deck and did our final preparations.  Sam came out in one of the Rio's boats because we were giving him a lift to Omoka (it's only seven miles but petrol is very, very expensive here).  We upped anchor, pulled out the sails and, to the sound of our fog horn, waved goodbye to our friends in Tetautua.


After dropping Sam off, we headed for the Omoka pass and out to sea.  There was a pleasant 15 knot, south-east wind, so we were on a close reach as we headed south-west.  Our plan is to head 200 miles further south before turning west towards Samoa because the SPCZ is forecast to be north of that route and we want to avoid squalls if at all possible.


We had pleasant reach in 6-8 foot seas for the afternoon, which continued in to the evening and lasted all night.  A couple of light showers passed over us, but no really strong squalls.  There was a half moon until one o'clock, so the overnight sail was perfect - I hope the weather stays like this.