Morocco. Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday, 7,8,9,10 March 2006

Fri 10 Mar 2006 20:58
Tuesday, 7 March.  In Marrakesh.
Slobbed all morning and had lunch at the Riad, before slobbing some more.  Beautiful sunshine which we made the most of. Rang the Boys-Stones and Anne Brewin and agreed to meet them separately next day for lunch.  Went to Cafe de France terrace for a super sunset and then caught a kalesh to Al Fassia restaurant.  An excellent meal in nice surroundings - the restaurant is an all female enterprise.  Back by grand taxi ordered by the only male member of staff - the bouncer!
Wednesday, 8 March.  In Marrakesh.
Walked to the Saadian Tombs after breakfast.  Moustaffa, the ex-donkey man come head waiter, came by on his bicycle and guided us some of the way. Spent some time admiring the tombs and enjoying the peace of their garden.  Did a once round the Artisan fixed price complex before walking back to meet Anne and Ann Brewster in the square.  They took us to a little local restaurant where we had a simple but perfectly adequate lunch before taking them back to see Riad Noga.  Spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to them before a quick change and off to the Boys-Stones for pre-dinner drinks.  They are very brave, having sold up in the UK and bought a Riad in Marrakesh which they are doing up for letting.  They are then building a house and 3 villas on the outskirts, letting the latter too. We were entertained by them and their 3 charming children in their new Berber black tent on the roof terrace.  F then led us to the Founduk, another lovely restaurant, this time in the Medina.  We had an excellent meal and got 2 petit taxis home.
Thursday, 9 March.  In Marrakesh.
All slobbed in the morning before lunch for 3 enjoyed by 4 on the terrace.  R slobbed all afternoon, but the other 3 got a petit taxi to the Marjorelle Gardens which were smaller than anticipated but some interesting green plants and cacti. The artist Marjorelle lived there but it now belongse to Ives St Laurent and most of it is out of bounds. Taxi back to the square before getting a kalesh for an hour's drive around town, including bits of the walls and a traffic jam whilst a donkey cart unloaded bricks. It ended up back in the square where R joined them for a sundowner on the terrace.  Back to base and dinner in the Riad.
Friday, 10 March.  In Marrakesh.
Breakfast, packing and then souk shopping for last bits.  We all aquired, variously, slippers, tee-shirts, leather cushion, tagine base and enjoyed a good mooch around the more distant parts of the souk. Orange presse in the square doing some people watching then slobbed in the Riad until a late lunch at 17.00. Payed the bill and took two taxis to the airport for our 20.35 flight.  Long delay in check in queue which turned out to be because our plane had not left London yet.  Flight retimed for 00.10. Everyone crammed into the snack bar and prepared to sit it out.  Well done British Mediterranean - it has the worst record of delayed flights and lives up to its reputation well!  We must have had a good and relaxing holiday because we seem to be taking it all in a calm way.  Not that there is any alternative.