SY 'Thrill Seeker' - NZ to Tahiti Weather

Fri 31 Jan 2014 11:21

Date: Thursday January 30th 2014.
From: "Commanders' Weather"
To: SY Thrill Seeker / Captain David White

Route: Opua New Zealand to Tahiti
Last Position: 33 12s/ 173 40e at 11utc
Prepared: Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 18 utc

Summary: Becoming very rough shortly especially after winds shift to N 35-45+ kts and northerly seas build into the upper teens. Squalls to 55+ kts likely.

1) Take all the precautions you can as you are in for very rough conditions next 24 hours.

2) Warm front with a big developing storm.

3) Estimating you are in E winds 35-45 kts just S of this front.

4) The northerly means business as it likely builds to 45-50 kts and brings with it southward moving squalls which may gust to 55+ kts.

5) Developing northerly seas will reach into the upper teens with peak waves higher.

6) This will make for a very confused sea state next 24-36 hours.

7) Winds will slowly subside after 12 utc Fri but large N seas continue thru 12 utc Sat.

8) Strongest winds ( general 50-60+ kts) with this storm will still be W and S of the center which is forecast to track from near 29s/178w now to 36s/176w by 12 utc Sat.

9) So you are still not in the worst portion of the low but will have it very rough next 24+ hours especially with the developing squalls and very high seas.

10) Next week is a little uncertain depending on what happens with this low.

11) Good luck next 24-36 hours.