at last

Thu 11 Oct 2012 20:38

Well today we did it!!

At 08:45 we slipped the lines, (but did take them with us) and headed down the river.....

After six months of sanding, scraping,repairing engines, new rigging, fitting equipment, the odd setback followed by another, then another.. we are finally on our way...

It was a lovely silent morning without a breath of wind to greet us.. A slow awakening and chance to look about the boat, hoping of course that we have not forgotten too much. Breakfast in bed then a last tidy up and away..

It does feel very odd.
I was expecting a feeling of exhalation, but perhaps I was wanting too much.. instead a quiet sense of doing something very familiar but not quiet celebration... After all we know the Crouch very well so sailing down it is nothing new... perhaps in. few days time it will begin to be different..

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