Life on board

Thu 26 Nov 2015 13:25

Position: 25:04.43N 26:42.52W


After 5 days at sea, we finally got the satellite phone working again! Things are now beginning to settle and we are getting a little used to the roll of the boat. The first night the field if boats stayed quite close together but during the following day, the field have split up now and we can occasionally see other boats on the AIS. We have had dolphin playing around the boat on every night shift now. They tend to stay with the boat for around 15-30 minutes every time now.


Otherwise, we have had some minor complications so far, a little to close encounter with another sailboat during the first night. Running the spinnaker, we were unlucky and had a Chinese broach and the spinnaker sheet come off in 25kn wind gust. During the accident with the spinnaker, during the Knut got his hand caught between the main sheet and the steering console. At first, we thought it had broken some bones, but after some closer inspections, we thinks it is only a sprain.


During day three, we finally caught two nice mahi-mahi (dorado). Nevertheless, we have had to sacrifice two good lours in the process of fishing. I hope that we will be able to update the blog a little more often of the rest of the crossing.