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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Dec 2014
Tue 16 Dec 01:32 We're not dead
Jun 2014
Sat 07 Jun 18:29 Two near deaths in five minutes! 12:01.41N 61:40.72W
May 2014
Fri 30 May 21:54 How much would you pay for a Caribbean island? 12:05.10N 61:45.76W
Wed 28 May 16:59 Tyrrel Bay: What do you do with a ferry when it has the weekend off?
Wed 28 May 16:37 Our perfect desert island, but no hidden rum store! 12:29.14N 61:27.58W
Sun 25 May 16:18 2 days to sail 8nm to Carriacou 12:32.03N 61:23.04W
Sat 24 May 21:42 Happy Island 12:35.61N 61:24.69W
Sat 24 May 21:42 Back to Mayreau 12:38.08N 61:23.85W
Mon 19 May 18:10 Tobago Cays 12:37.91N 61:21.43W
Mon 19 May 17:51 Darrell makes another friend or two! 12:38.85N 61:23.46W
Mon 19 May 17:46 Boat builders not Boat boys 13:00.63N 61:14.52W
Mon 12 May 21:56 How many people can you get in to a St Vincent bus? 13:07.95N 61:12.18W
Sun 11 May 22:22 Pirates of the Caribbean
Sun 11 May 18:50 Entering a parallel universe. 13:17.62N 61:14.30W
Sun 11 May 18:40 Crew deserts Stream in search of the perfect sunset.
Wed 07 May 20:33 Sarah's idea of Heaven!
Wed 07 May 16:18 Gros Piton: (The Ascent of Rum Doodle.) 13:49.51N 61:03.87W
Wed 07 May 16:13 Renewing our faith in the St Lucians 13:50.39N 61:03.83W
Mon 05 May 18:02 Ripping off the tourists 13:51.82N 61:03.68W
Mon 05 May 18:02 Signs of the times 13:58.02N 61:01.44W
Apr 2014
Wed 30 Apr 19:00 Back to another "British" island 14:05.47N 60:57.85W
Wed 23 Apr 14:00 Sailing to a new experience! 14:35.96N 61:04.16W
Wed 23 Apr 13:59 A lucky cobbler and prisoner on May 8th 1902 14:44.56N 61:10.67W
Wed 23 Apr 13:59 Sarah makes another friend on Dominica!
Thu 17 Apr 01:55 Victoria Falls and the Rastaurant
Thu 17 Apr 00:56 Indian River and the Cabrits National Park
Wed 16 Apr 23:21 Exploring Dominica
Wed 16 Apr 21:02 Hiking to Boiling Lake, Dominica. 15:17.24N 61:22.60W
Fri 11 Apr 17:33 Sarah has a new friend 15:34.85N 61:27.95W
Tue 08 Apr 19:18 Following in Cousteau's Flippers! 15:52.02N 61:35.20W
Sat 05 Apr 02:27 So the French do have a sense of humour. 16:18.36N 61:47.87W
Thu 03 Apr 22:04 A sailing tour around Antigua: or catching up!
Mar 2014
Tue 25 Mar 15:28 Tea and cake with a senator's wife
Sun 23 Mar 12:15 Fishing with an anchor and a stick, or an afternoon with Morgan Freeman 17:38.85N 61:51.34W
Sun 23 Mar 02:03 Changing Crew 17:06.61N 61:53.24W
Mon 17 Mar 02:26 Leaving Nevis 17:03.97N 61:53.03W
Sat 15 Mar 16:45 Rain Forest walk
Thu 13 Mar 17:01 Nevis by bike 17:11.11N 62:37.57W
Tue 11 Mar 12:50 Return to St Kitts 17:14.98N 62:39.61W
Thu 06 Mar 19:17 A communally appreciated flash
Thu 06 Mar 19:08 Mardi Gras St Barths style.
Thu 06 Mar 18:09 Mixing it with the Glitterati 17:53.98N 62:51.48W
Sun 02 Mar 17:17 The beat goes on
Sun 02 Mar 17:16 SXM* Carnival
Feb 2014
Wed 26 Feb 22:12 Carnival and Tintamarre 18:06.98N 62:59.30W
Mon 24 Feb 00:58 Wind, rain and soggy underwear
Thu 20 Feb 00:23 Return to St Martins 18:03.93N 63:05.64W
Wed 19 Feb 19:28 Gun Creek 18:29.41N 64:22.85W
Sun 16 Feb 23:46 Dancing by the light of the silvery moon
Sun 16 Feb 20:50 Long Bay, Tortola. 18:26.96N 64:32.60W
Fri 14 Feb 15:07 Fat Hogs, goats, cattle and chickens 18:26.26N 64:33.78W
Thu 13 Feb 17:00 First impressions are sometimes correct. 18:19.27N 64:36.88W
Thu 13 Feb 17:00 Peter Island; How the other half live. 18:21.35N 64:34.95W
Mon 10 Feb 15:55 A weekend in the same place! 18:30.19N 64:21.57W
Mon 10 Feb 02:19 The Last Resort 18:26.76N 64:31.94W
Sun 09 Feb 20:58 Journey to The Drowned Island. 18:43.26N 64:23.04W
Sun 09 Feb 13:20 Going to The Dogs 18:29.99N 64:23.24W
Sun 09 Feb 00:45 Ballyhoo! 18:22.94N 64:30.87W
Tue 04 Feb 13:30 Treasure island. 18:19.36N 64:37.21W
Tue 04 Feb 13:28 Position 31.01.2014 Soper's Hole, Tortolla 18:23.21N 64:42.03W
Tue 04 Feb 13:27 Position 29.01.2014 Diamond Key, Jost Van Dyke 18:27.06N 64:43.45W
Tue 04 Feb 13:26 Position 28.01.2014 Cane Garden Bay, Tortolla 18:25.71N 64:39.62W
Tue 04 Feb 13:24 Getting into a routine
Tue 04 Feb 13:22 Position 26.01.2014 Trellis Bay, Beef Island, Tortolla 18:26.78N 64:31.92W
Jan 2014
Mon 27 Jan 16:44 Bath time 18:25.00N 64:36.94W
Fri 24 Jan 02:30 Man cannot discover new horizons unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. 18:26.98N 64:26.22W
Mon 20 Jan 15:06 Anguilla Days
Sun 19 Jan 16:27 New day, new island (or how to get a good nights sleep) 18:12.04N 63:05.65W
Sat 18 Jan 22:20 Anchoring without any hassles! 18:04.02N 63:05.62W
Tue 14 Jan 17:39 Harbour Rot 18:06.32N 63:03.39W
Mon 13 Jan 17:43 Stream's Web Diary Special Tarset Grumpies Edition
Wed 08 Jan 01:17 And then there were two!
Mon 06 Jan 23:49 Taking Sarah out of her comfort zone 18:04.17N 63:05.29W
Sun 05 Jan 17:41 Customs 17:38.38N 63:15.38W
Thu 02 Jan 13:33 Happy New Year to all our readers 17:28.90N 62:59.38W
Thu 02 Jan 13:32 Last Days in St Kitts 17:28.90N 62:59.38W
Wed 01 Jan 21:22 St Kitts 17:17.54N 62:43.70W
Dec 2013
Sun 29 Dec 18:43 Christmas on Stream 17:08.27N 62:38.01W
Wed 25 Dec 16:29 A Merry Christmas to all our readers
Sun 22 Dec 16:01 And then there were three
Fri 20 Dec 00:52 Antigua by car 17:09.02N 61:45.34W
Tue 17 Dec 20:44 We have arrived! 17:00.52N 61:45.89W
Fri 13 Dec 22:49 Friday 13th Dec 17:18.63N 56:58.87W
Thu 12 Dec 22:17 Thursday 12th Dec 17:29.20N 53:53.64W
Wed 11 Dec 14:21 Quick update on life on Stream 18:01.12N 49:50.00W
Mon 09 Dec 21:02 Time Travellers 17:53.74N 44:45.87W
Sun 08 Dec 21:23 Day 14 update 17:48.68N 41:54.10W
Fri 06 Dec 13:28 Half Way (ish) on day 11 17:49.88N 36:55.65W
Sun 01 Dec 19:49 First week 18:07.44N 29:59.84W
Nov 2013
Sat 30 Nov 19:37 Tropical weather!
Fri 29 Nov 19:50 Reflections on La Gomera
Fri 29 Nov 14:58 The First Full Day 25:23.11N 19:34.55W
Sun 24 Nov 09:18 We're off! (well almost)
Sat 23 Nov 11:31 Quick update to check computer systems
Mon 18 Nov 22:17 The Story So Far 28:05.34N 17:06.49W