36:00.7N ; 009:35.9W

Tue 30 Sep 2014 22:05
Finally we are en route to The Canaries. It was a emotional fare well to Martin & Violetta with whom we spend a few great days together.
We left at 10:00 this morning to find no or very little wind. This meant we sailed on the engine (3 hours) until we were freeof the lee side of the Algarve. Since then we sail with a deeply reefed main sail in 20 to 25 knts wind. Sometimes we feel a bit like being in a washing machine. But, the crew is in good shape so far. We alternate watches between the two of us every three hours. Since we sailed into the night around 8:00 we needed to alter course on two occasions to let a cargo ship pass by. That’s it folks for now.
Patrick & Leentje