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Date: 23 Oct 2009 19:55:05
Title: Porto

Finally we got time to do a bit of sightseeing today and spent the day in Porto.
We decided that it would be rude to visit the area and not to investigate the local products so we spent a most enjoyable afternoon visiting one or two of the local Port houses.
Our first visit was to Grahams Port house (who also produce Port under the Dows and Warres brand names). We learnt all about the growing of the grapes in the Douro region of Portugal, the harvesting and pressing of the grapes much of which is still done by hand, the fermentation process and finally the storage and bottling. It is this last stage which results in the diferent types of Port, i.e. Tawny or Ruby, Vintage (where it continues to improve in the bottle) or late bottled. We then got to have a taster each of some white, tawny and ruby ports and finally a taster of one of the vintage ports. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the tasters!
Havng completed one tour, we felt it would be prudent to try one of the other port houses - y'know, just for comparison.... So we visited Ferreira..... then we visited Offley.... and finally Sandeman's. What a happy afternoon we had!! Anyway, the outcome of our purely scientific investigations is that Grahams is still the best!
We hope to spend another couple of days here, then move further South toward Nazare.

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