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Oyster 655


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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jun 2011
Wed 29 Jun 19:42 Where was I? 36:51.08N 28:16.88E
May 2011
Sat 07 May 18:10 South to The Algarve 37:06.50N 8:40.48W
Apr 2011
Thu 14 Apr 16:11 Rachel's Maiden Biscay Crossing 42:07.32N 8:50.83W
Mar 2011
Tue 29 Mar 20:27 Dartmouth 50:21.13N 3:34.56W
Tue 29 Mar 20:14 The Hamble 50:51.22N 1:18.67W
Sun 06 Mar 11:30 We're Off!! 52:02.04N 1:09.08E