09:20.53S 120:02.85W

Quatsino II
Lorna Saunders
Wed 27 Apr 2016 21:47
Dear Land lubbers and Seadogs
position 9 20’ 525S  120 02’ 846W
Course over ground (COG) 268deg
Speed over ground (SOG) 6.5kts
Distance to go (DTG) 1123nm (Hiva Oa, Marqueses)
Day 20
Number of fish caught by humans 1
Number of fish caught by Quatsino 83 (in one night)
Boat time 1400 hrs (UTC – 7)
We are currently 1123nm away from the Marqueses, heading for the island of Hiva Oa. We left Panama 20 days ago, headed south westerly for about 1000nm, in so doing, we crossed the equator after 650nm. We dressed as Neptune and Mrs Neptune and gave offerings of our most precious goods, Lorns gave Cavalier Rum and yoghurt and George gave beer and only 1 gingerbread biscuit. (think we may be paying the price for that now). we also buried our old friend “Basil” at sea, with great ceremony, (the plant.) He sadly lost his life on the trip from Antigua to Panama, due to drowning in salt water. RIP.
We then turned right, on a course of 254deg, upon reaching 6 deg south, and headed for our destination (roughly).
After turning west, 300 odd miles further on we had 48hours of big, confused seas, and winds. Hand steering but achieved 203nm in 24hr run. Daily averages were kept high for about 5 days. Great progress made.
In the last few days, progress has slowed quite considerably (since Mr Richards wrote to say that he thought we had 16 days still to go and we calculated 10, maybe he was right!) wind really dropped and even big bertha has come out of the shed. (the spinnaker, who has only come out for 4 hours during the Transat) is doing a sterling job. Just hope no big puffs come through as it’s so big and heavy it will take the rig down before it blows out!
Parker, the autopilot, is winning man of the match right now, but got to complete the game to pick up the prize. (half time being NZ, as nowhere between here and there to fix anything).
As far as culinary delights go, well........................... having only caught 1 fish, and that seems weeks ago, and running out of fresh meat after 8 days, things are getting quite inventive. Thankfully we downloaded a cookbook for yachties, which even explains how to boil and egg. So once George mastered that (he was surprised at how easy it was) we want for nothing!!! But much to my surprise, never mind Georges skeptical thoughts, I have now made 3 loaves of rather good bread! So bread and eggs 15 different ways, it is.
Some of the sunrises and sunsets have been truly amazing, and some beautiful sailing. Moral is good on board and rather relaxed. the Hutchinson words of “El Pacifico” often running through our heads.
I must say, albeit we appreciate neither of us (particularly George who has NEVER caught a fish) are proficient fishermen, there dosnt seem to be any out here except 1000’s of flying fish. We have seen 2 pods of dolphins and leaping tuna when we left panama, but that really is it. The last ship we saw was on the 9th!! Still, in Georges words “keep buggering on”.
ps. sorry not to  have said we now have comms. 8 bloody days it took me, including hours of on watch time to think about how to get it to work. now it does. will send email to all once have use of internet.