Storm Stuck

Barry Heath and Marie-Jeanne (Danielle) Peters
Tue 1 Sep 2009 16:07


Storm stuck

The wind has calmed slightly and we have only rain showers now instead of pouring rain. We have the first dry moments since a few days. The dinghy is filled up with water. Barry takes it ashore for emptying it. He is back again when it restarts to rain, the dinghy gets filled again.

We still don’t have the answer we want from Sunbird and Barry phones this time and tries to explain the importance that the spares have to arrive in time which means before the 12th of September. We don’t have the confirmation yet that the spares are on its way.

As it stays reasonably dry for a few hours we want to spend some hours on deck. The wind is piping up again and it is freezing cold. I have to cover me with my sleeping deck.

Barry is trying new knots which are looking good and are very decorative. He gets very involved. For me they look very complicated.

After diner we have our nightly card session. England got beaten 3:1 by Luxemburg. There will be a return match soon.