Mid Atlantic Swim..

Sun 7 Dec 2008 12:44
15:55.95N 45:37.05W

Dear All,

If the mid-Atlantic had its own newspaper, for example one called "The
Atlantic Tribune for Yachtsmen", then I'm sure the headline today would read
something like this : "5 Great Looking Aussie Blokes Caught Swimming Naked
Off Beautiful Yacht at 16 06 N 43 47 W".... Yep, we can strike another
achievement off our "Things I must do in this lifetime.." checklist. The
older crew enjoyed a more sedate swim around the hull and a relaxing float
behind the yacht, whilst the young guns decided to jump in from the highest
points they could find.

What an experience though...swimming in warm, crystal blue water around the
yacht in a position that is over 1,000 NM from the nearest land. It's eerie.
You look down and it just seems to go forever....over 5km deep to be more

We had very mild winds for most of the day and it gradually fizzled to
nothing by late afternoon. In fact we motored for most of the night when the
wind dropped out completely... Looking at the weather chart, we seem to be
impacted by a cell of low pressure to our northwest that has snuffed any
hope of a decent breeze in our position. But as I write, a whiff of breeze
has just come in with the morning sun and Stuey has raised the sails
again....hopefully it will stay in.

We had one of the strangest sailing experiences yesterday as well. A zephyr
of breeze in the late afternoon came veering in through 90 degrees putting
the wind "on the nose" of the yacht and had us sailing hard to windward".
But given the seas were still from behind, we were going with the
waves...never had that before. Normally you bash the yacht into the waves
when you sail to windward.

The weather is still perfect and (apart from when we are swimming) the crew
are now all in TShirts and boardshorts. This is what the ARC brochure said
it would be like.

Our fishing has been less successful over the last couple of days and apart
from the smallish Dorado that was tossed back during our midway party, we
haven't hauled one in. We might put a bit more effort in today though as we
only have 2 meals of fish left in the freezer...

We are now starting to think of things to do in St Lucia when we get in...It
looks like a beautiful island to make landfall and I'm sure the ARC
functions will live up to their reputation.

Till next time...