Up and Running!

Tue 22 Jul 2008 18:15
So here we are, we've burnt our bridges and headed off on what promises to be a pretty unforgettable voyage. What started life as an annual over a pint / glass of wine, ' one day we'll have to do it', lasting several years, we now find ourselves actually on our way. A diverse crew has been assembled, Frank the owner, Billy whizz, Tom, Laura, Nansi and myself, Max. 6 Chiefs and no indians, should be interesting. Our trusty steed is Frank's 41' ketch rigged Van de Staat, 'Mandate', long keeled and heavy. Not fast but will still be going a long time after most others will have called it quits. We left Kalamata, where she had been based for the past few years, on Sunday the 29th of june 2008.On board were Frank, Guy, who's a friend from Kalamata, and myself. Sadly, Guy had to leave after a couple of days so it was just the dynamic duo until we reached Italy, where we were joined by Gus, a friend from london.  800 Miles later on Saturday the 12th of july we arrived in Calasetta in south west Sardinia. We had a pleasant trip up the west coast of Greece to Fiskardo on Kefalonia, across the Ionian to the toe of Italy, through the messini straits, along the top of Sicily and across to Sardinia.
That's my bit out of the way for the moment and Tom, Laura and Frank are going to move it on to the next stage.
Position currently is 37 53N 21 10E