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Date: 25 Jul 2009 12:55:00
Title: Sharks circling around - Day 97

 Sharks circling around – Day 97

Luckily we are talking about the aquatic rather than the human variety of shark. To be more precise, it was a single Hammerhead shark that started following the boat for a short while. With ingenuity, the boys put their hands in the water and tried to simulate a fish in the hope that old Hammerhead would be attracted closer for a nice photograph. Unfortunately he turned tail and swam away. The boys were not impressed with this show of strength and confidence but I am still glad to say that they did NOT leap into the water for a better view (which Jamie did when the whales nosed their boat). Perhaps, as we get nearer the shore, there will get more sightings of the ocean's creatures. However, there is not long left and so the next Blogg may well be a sighting of that strangest of all species – Man/Woman/Human.

Now on 2000 calories per day, they can last up to Friday and then zero rations!! We are wondering what kind of skeletons we will be meeting – if we manage to get there before they do. Families are arriving on Thursday and Friday.


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