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Date: 11 Jul 2009 06:38:00
Title: On the move again - Day 83


On the move again – Day 83

After the lows of recent days Southern Cross is once more making progress towards Mauritius. As we have learnt, their spirits are up again and determination has set in – they will eat less, row more, admire the view and put up with each others foibles. I think the sea is a wonderful metaphor for their journey – because no matter how big the waves, as they look up at the wall of water above them, they eventually end up at the top of it again. Things may look daunting from the bottom of the trough but there is always a peak. The lower you go, the higher you higher you achieve – well I can't say this is what they have been articulating but I think this will be in their DNA when they return. They may not have read Victor Frankl but they are living it – ask not what you want out of life, but what life wants out of you. What a legacy for their lives to come.

Today is actually Jamie's birthday. Ever optimistic, it was only a few weeks ago that he still thought he would be in Mauritius to celebrate it. I think he got the month wrong but luckily their navigation is not as far out as their sense of time. Happy 22nd birthday Jamie and I hope James has sung to you and given you that extra chocolate biscuit. I know that they have been discovering little food extras in the boat – courtesy of Anne – James' mum – who wishes she had stashed a few more in the hold now that the extra weight appears negligible in the light of what has happened. Oh well, we all have 20:20 vision looking backwards.

Happy Birthday Jamie

Roy 11th July 2009

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