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Date: 28 Jun 2009 20:13:55
Title: The Ancient Mariners with 1000 miles to go coming up

The youngest “Ancient Mariners” about to break the 1000 miles to go” line

Today they saw an Albatross – although it was not through the mist that it came. I am still learning every time I speak to these boys. Apparently they see small birds who fly by every day – presumably just out for a 3000 mile stroll/glide like the boys on Southern Cross. However, seeing the Albatross features as highly newsworthy simply because it generates another liturgy of superlatives. Once again the boys inform me of their sense of wonder, this time at seeing this amazing and graceful bird. And with no cross bow to spoil the show we can hope that its traditional role as the harbinger of good luck will/is being fulfilled. It certainly seems like it since breaking the “1000 miles to go” barrier is only days away – Tuesday 30th June or Wednesday 1st July; days 72 or 73

If any of you have not seen them, here are some photos from the beginning and then after being out at sea for weeks


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