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Date: 23 May 2009 13:20:32
Title: Southern Cross update 1200 23/05

James phoned to say spirits are still high on Southern Cross, a little boat they are rather fond of as it did manage, with some persuasion, to right itself after a monumental capsize on Thursday.  The capsize did result in the loss of some equipment, J&J seem to think that the loss of their fishing line was the most tragic!!  They report that they are still in possession of their passports so hopefully should be able to enter Mauritius legally!  Most importantly all the equipment associated with actually rowing across an ocean is still intact.  Weather conditions in their area are very confused at the moment in terms of wind and wave direction and the boys are heading NW to hopefully pick up more consistent weather and currents.  Both J&J remain determined to complete the crossing but are hoping there will not be any more periods on the para-anchor as their hard-drive with all the movies on got very wet in the capsize and isn't working and they are not sure if they really want to get into deep philosophical conversations to pass the time!
Only minor injuries were sustained in the capsize but James reports serious cases of "claw" hands now and rashes in places not fit for print.  J&J thank all for the many messages they have received during their time at sea but especially over the last few days and continue to wish all the other crews good weather and good fortune.

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