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Date: 11 May 2009 00:45:38
Title: Week 3 update



Eddies – random swirl of current – like a game of snakes and ladders, caught up at 7 knots going back east! Spent next shift rowing back to where we were

Bums – first raw cuts healing, but new salt sores beginning, always a pain in the arse

Eating – appetite massively increased now always hungry and ready for food after a session, james fav chicken pasta not so keen on thia rice, me (jamie) like all but fav is thai rice. Nuts difficult to eat as dry, so eating more chocolate and nuts now emergency rations. Food supplements hard to mix up as make water bottles horrible but getting 5000cal a day

nice to find hidden treats from james's mum – going to treat ourselves at the 2500 miles to go mark 1 day away! Have some condensed milk! Next target 2000 mtg.

Rowing 2hrs on off very tiring but we are falling into a pattern, a lot harder at night time. Learn to appreciate 2hrs freedom it is a long time! Sleeping (or not) hard to ajust to

Missing everyone at home and the freedom, feel confined on the boat to our rowing and at the mo want to get across asap.

But many good moments to cherish, having a laugh and a sing when not too tired. Jamie first to jump into the ocean !! had done a 6.09 mile rowing shift, sweaty and suncreamed wanted to wash so dived straight over board, to surface and see the boat drifting away! Not to worry he could swim fast enough. Look forward to a shift ending at 4pm, can jump in wash and dry in the sun.

Weather has been a lot calmer past week, start of journey very rough and stormy, unexpected now flatter, but we want bigger waves to surf and speed our progress.

Looking to catch simon prior up, huge respect for him he is doing so so well and puts us to shame.

Seen 3m shark up close! Dolphins swim by, shooting stars at night, but all under the duress of rowing

Still a long way to go, james looking forward to hot dogs I slipped into the boat before leaving, come on 2000 mtg!

Quite an experience, not many peoples cup of tea, can't wait to get back and see our family and friends, not lonely, as we have each others strong friendship, but looking forward to a party, to enjoy 2hrs that isn't rowing or resting to row!

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