how fresh can dinner be

Wed 11 May 2011 22:16
18:32:04s 177:03:64e
great days sailing yesterday was on the nose a bit but did 8-9s all day. fishing started off a bit slow with 5 hits on the lure but no strikes.1 of which stripped so much line we couldn't hold it with full drag on. my great plan of going off course by 2 miles worked out great. there is a rise is sea bed to 98 metres. we just got to it when we came across one of the biggest work ups i've ever seen. got the boat within 20m of it and we had a nice tuna. at this point viv have a pan going to cook dinner so off came a quick chunk and dinner was ready before the whole fish was filleted.we are currently 30 miles off land with eta at latoka around sixish