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Date: 29 Jan 2013 18:12:15
Title: 2 days out of Mindelo

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2013 – Day 14

15 41N 030 22W

Having victualed Diatonic with all the fresh fruit and veg we could find on Sao Vicente, we were ready to set sail on Sunday morning. Our marina exit was as smooth as silk and, leaving Mindelo Harbour, we were greeted by a fresh breeze that quickly got us up to over 10 knots.


With a glint in his eye, Tony spotted Diatonic’s first victim, a catamaran, and aimed straight for her. Clearly, our reputation preceded us, and the cat quickly gave up the fight as we flew by her whilst we heartily chewed on ham rolls and quaffed refreshing beverages.



The wind died as land fell out of sight until it became necessary to turn on the engine to keep some speed and avoid the swell becoming nauseating. Despite the sporadic wind, we’ve managed to go 300 miles in 48 hours, a more than adequate start to this leg of the journey.


Our one technical issue has been a leak in the hot water heater but with four men alone together for two weeks, perhaps the mandatory cold showers are for the best.


With light winds and only the one mechanical issue so far, everyone is looking for something to pass the time. Ian started watching a new TV series, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and quickly became hooked, sucking Tony in with him. Barry has been fighting a battle with the SSB radio set, trying to coax something besides static out of it.


Ken caught the first fish of the trip, a suicidal flying fish that leapt up and landed on board but it was too small for even Barrie’s gourmet skills to find a use for. The flying fish have given Ken hope that a larger catch is in the neighbourhood so we’re continuing to trail two lines with dreams of our first bite.


The forecast is for the light winds to continue so the crew will continue to suffer through days of warm, gentle breezes and sunny skies.


We can only hope the beer and gin supplies hold out.

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