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Date: 17 Jun 2011 12:05:00
Title: Voyage of Diatonic Horta to Hamble


44 06N 18 38W

1200 UTC Friday 17th June 2011


Day 4 since leaving Azores. The voyage of Two Amigo's the sailors. After a few hours motoring yesterday we enjoying exhilarating sailng with the twins (Genoa's) and creaming along at 8.5 knots in 27 knots of wind gusting to 32. During the night winds increased to between 29 and 38 knots and deep reefed blown eastwards towards Biscay. The wind later veered to the west and we  are now on a beam reach at 7 knots. Tomorrow we are expecting the wind to back to the SW and resume our downwind sailing.


Last evening It was with some regret that we finished the last of the 6 tonics those 6 beautiful Phillipino girls bought with them. However they kept their side of the bargain and cooked up a sumptious meal of fillet steak and fresh potatoes with mushroom and pepper sauce, all washed down with the finest red wine the Island of Pico had to offer. This was complimented by peeches and cream and a desert wine, cheese and biscuits and finished with Portugals finest Port.


One of the distressng parts of the voyage over the last 3000 miles has been our inability to catch any fish, not counting the flying fish that landed onboard.  Amazingly just after dinner we came acrossh a stashtionary fishing boat. There were 5 French Fishermen stuck in their boat that had run out of fuel. Our painting on the wall at Horta is really bringing us some luck because they had on board 5 cans of tonic. In exchange for this we offered to take them on board and tow the boat to France. So now we have 6 Phillipino girls, 5 French fishermen and 2 boats in tow. The rum has now been finished and have started on the Martini occasionally mixed with beer.


The TWO AMIGOS are happy because they have tonic for the Gin and have and acquired 6 cooks, 5, fishermen to catch our fresh fish. The 6 girls are happy to be cooking British and French food but still do not understand why we put gin in the tonic. The 5 fishermen are happy because they have a tow and six beautiful cooks.


Read the latest update to this in our next blog. 


Signing off


THE TWO Amigos

6 beautiful cooks

5 French fisherman


David and Tony - S/Y Diatonic




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