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Date: 20 May 2011 00:39:00
Title: Departing Bermuda

20th May 2011 

33 58.5N 61 47.9W


The ARC Europe staff did a great job in managing the cramped situation and eventually got us shore based, with water, electrics & wi-fi. They also held various events at the Marina which were well attended, great food and good company.


We hired scooters to see more of the Island and drove from one end all the way to the remote end Royal Navy Docks, where we caught the ferry back to Hamilton.

Paul Climbed the mast to inspect the Tri-Light damage and Tony brought a replacement light from the chandlers, however it was only a 1mile luminosity instead of the 3 mile previously fitted. We ordered a replacement via FedEx but fitted the smaller light just in case the other failed to arrive in time. It came the evening before departure and again Paul heroically climbed the mast again for the 4th time spending many hours drilling and fixing the new devices (Yes i'm writing this - how did you guess ?) amid problems with the wiring as it had been damaged whilst being blown around in the storm - we eventaully had full navigational lghts and we were happy to set sail in the morning.

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Diatonic flirted with the start line and the committee boat in preparation for our blinding starting credentials, and we had a great start with David on the helm, getting a full sail plan open even though it was an engine start, as vain as ever, not quit first but second (we think the first boat, not naming any names ("FRED") crossed the line before the start !)  "No Fair" Anyway we could have headed up and called water to drive "FRED" off the start line, but in the spirit of the rally we forgot and will have to live with this regret for the rest of our lives.....we also didn't launch our protest flag as the crew are younger and fitter than us and we have to meet them in the Azores......  After the flying start we have since been caught up and overtaken by the faster bigger boats in the fleet - however we are still making good progress and heading along the middle route to the Azores, trying to miss the forcasted stormy weather from a Low Pressure System heading in our general direction arriving by the weekend :-( 


The boat is a lot more prepared and organised on this leg after Bermuda, so hopefully life will be more settled and comfortable - ie no more damp / wet beds to sleep in - funny thing is the back hatch was left open yesterday and Tonys bed got soaked so he had a piece of our medicine last night !  lol - ie. a damp nights sleep.  Its all out on the decks now drying rapidly so he should be OK tonight.





During the watch last night Paul was startled by a flying fish (Quite Large One) landing in his lap which would have had him jumping overboard had he not been harnessed!  unfortunately for the fish it slipped and struggled along the deck until it ended up tangled in the ropes and rigging.:-( Paul retrieved it at dawn and took a few photo's  Unfortunately it was left in the cockpit and the smell became really pronouced.  David and Tony didn't seem to notice, which is a bad sign of Body Obour issues to come for Paul ???  !!!  lol.


We await our position reports!! 

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